I hope you’ll understand and have a laugh with me as we follow the adventures of my alter ego: The Buckthorn Man.  I’m taking my Volunteer work in multiple directions now as you can see on the Projects page and asking for your financial assistance to support The Great Work I’m trying to accomplish.  There will be many links back to my Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail website and many new and exciting things posted here as well.

When I retired in 2012, I had hoped to focus my efforts 100% in a volunteer direction — working for the love of it and learning along the way.   The reality is that I need to earn some money too, so this site will feature The Buckthorn Man offering his services for cash, bitcoin or barter.  Please join the contributors who already support me and make a donation to help cover my equipment, materials and transportation costs.  The Buckthorn Man is doing important work to restore, preserve and protect the woodlands and wetlands of Southeastern Wisconsin — work that would never get done otherwise — and I’m hoping you will agree, see the value, make a contribution to support me, and join in too!

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