So, you want to volunteer with The Buckthorn Man?  Thanks!

Start by visiting the Projects page on this site to get an idea of the various projects you, or your group, could get involved with.  I may lead the workday or simply help you participate in a workday that is being lead by a group like the Ice Age Trail Alliance or The Southern Kettle Moraine SNA Volunteers.  Group work requires more lead time to make sure we provide a challenging and satisfying experience.

I have had the pleasure to work with many groups at The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail and at The Hartland Marsh (click the caption below the picture to link to the story)

They got more than they bargained for that day.  It was chilly and slushy but the guys left singing and cheering.








I always learn a lot when working with the State Natural Areas teams








A “Spirit-Filled” group!  Wow did they work hard.








Ben Heussner and the WDNR team set up this workday on the Scuppernong River where we did a little “trout stream therapy”.






The Ice Age Trail Alliance is the premier group in Wisconsin for organizing and motivating volunteers.  Their Mobile Skills Crew projects set the standard for quality work and community cooperation.







Dave and Jeff hard at work at the Hartland Marsh

Dave and Jeff hard at work at the Hartland Marsh


The Village of Hartland is partnering with the Ice Age Trail, Waukesha County Land Conservancy, WDNR, USFWS and The Buckthorn Man to preserve and protect the Hartland Marsh environmental corridor.







Ben Johnson completed his master’s thesis working with me at The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail, and, despite that, he still volunteers!







Lindsay Knudsvig gives very generously of his time at the Scuppernong Springs and Hartland marsh and we received the 2012 Land Steward of the Year award from the Oak Savanna Alliance.








I’ve gotten help from many volunteers at The Springs and made a lot of friends along the way.  Why can’t we be friends?







So, how does it work?  How do you get started?  Please use the Contact page to let me know you are interested in getting involved.  Here are some of the things we might do:

  • cut, poison, pile and burn buckthorn and other invasive woody plants
  • pull garlic mustard and other weeds like spotted knapweed
  • repair trail tread or structures on the trails
  • pull watercress from Scuppernong River
  • clear downed trees from Bark River to keep it open for canoes and kayaks
  • pick up litter
  • girdle Aspen, Black Locust and Box Elder
  • transplant native plants to rehabilitated areas
  • gather and sow native seeds
  • add organic material to create structures for trout in Scuppernong River

I will keep track of all of our volunteer efforts using This Spreadsheet, which is a standard developed by Jared Urban for use with the State Natural Areas Volunteers.

You can subscribe to This Calendar on iCloud to get notified of all the scheduled volunteer activities.

If you want to support The Great Work The Buckthorn Man is doing, please make donations.

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