Steve Brasch

Steve Brasch grew up at the Scuppernong Springs.  His mother used to drop him off there with his friends in the morning with a promise to pick them up for supper.  All day they ran wild; building forts, floating on rafts in the ponds, catching creatures, running, hiding, looking, simply being in the woods.  He never lost his love of nature and, armed with a degree, he pursued a career in forestry.  Those were the Reagan years and budgets were tight; Steve had to make some tough decisions and leave the forest behind.

“Those were golden years spent roaming the woods.  I felt like Thoreau and even had some of his writings at that time.  The pond was kind of my Walden!  When I got out of college in the mid 80’s they say the economy was terrible but I don’t really remember that as I struggled to get my degree and keep moving.  I applied for federal jobs in forestry etc. and I was told there were 200 applicants for each opening (even temp jobs )!  It was discouraging so I went back to school.”


Over the years Steve found opportunities to volunteer with many organizations working on land restoration and his passion for the outdoors never flagged.  He moved into the Scuppernong neighborhood and, noticing the changes taking place at the Springs, decided to get involved.

“As I look back it seems it was the right thing to do and I must have been guided by a higher power?  I love volunteering with you, TNC and others as I truly believe that what we do has a big part in maintaining our quality of life.”

Thanks for volunteering with us Steve!

You can check out some of Steve’s contributions here:

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Friendly Fires

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Steve Brasch and Chris Mann

Steve Brasch and Chris Mann

Steve, Lindsay, Chris and Andy

Steve, Lindsay, Chris and Andy


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