Thank you Pati Holman for being my partner on this effort.  You are an amazing Feldenkrais Method Practitioner!  Contact Pati. Schedule a free Consultation.

Ben Johnson

A lot has changed since Ben Johnson began volunteering with The Buckthorn Man at The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail and … Continue reading

Lindsay Knudsvig

Lindsay Knusdvig I had my first encounter with invasive species fifteen years ago when I married my wife Connie and moved into … Continue reading

Andy Buchta

I first met Andy back in October 2013 at a picnic hosted by the DNR to show their appreciation for … Continue reading

Steve Brasch

Steve Brasch grew up at the Scuppernong Springs.  His mother used to drop him off there with his friends in … Continue reading

Chris Mann

Chris has been a big help at both the Ottawa Lake Fen State Natural Area and at the Scuppernong Springs … Continue reading