Andy Buchta

Andy in Australia -- January 2015

Andy in Australia — January 2015

I first met Andy back in October 2013 at a picnic hosted by the DNR to show their appreciation for volunteers.

andybuchtaWe had been in contact via email before that and our meeting at the picnic was the beginning of a very happy and productive collaboration.  Andy can swing a chainsaw but mostly he has helped pile and burn buckthorn.  Often I would show up at a work site and see that all of the brush cut on a previous outing had been neatly stacked.  Thanks Andy!



Here are just a few of the blogs that document Andy’s contributions:

WDNR Appreciates Volunteers

Three For All

Thanks for the Springs

The Inevitability of Buckthorn


A Cold Day At The Springs

I Am The Buckthorn Man

Kettle Moraine Natural History Association

Buckthorn Alley Breakthrough

Soul PowerIMG_1648

Buchta Wins Gold in PilingStyle

Burn The Alley

Order Out Of Chaos

SEWTU Conserving, Protecting and Restoring the Scuppernong River Watershed

The Bluff Creek Springs

Fire Works at The Springs

The U.S. Government is a Pyschopath

Ugly BuckthornIMG_1686

The Pike Lake Springs

Winter Break

Blind Traveler

Marsh MadnessIMG_6879

Sky Dancing




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