I hope you’ll understand and have a laugh with me as we follow the adventures of my alter ego: The Buckthorn Man.

This site is an outgrowth of The Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail website and reflects the diversity of Volunteer activities I am engaged in and, the Services I’m offering.

Visit the Projects page to view a portfolio of volunteer projects that you could join The Buckthorn Man on.

The Services page details what The Buckthorn Man is offering in exchange for your consideration.

The Your Project page, under the Services menu item, is a portfolio of all the projects The Buckthorn Man is working on, or has worked on — for clients.

The Showcase page is a convenient way to get a list of blog posts related to a specific project or service.  Choose what you are interested in from the drop-down menu

Visit the Testimonials page to read what people are saying about The Buckthorn Man.

The Volunteer page explains the kinds of activities we get involved in and how you can participate.

The Volunteers page under the Volunteer menu item features the active volunteers who want to tell us a little about themselves and why they volunteer.

I give a shout out to the people and organizations that fund or support me at the Contributors page.

Let me introduce you to my Friends!

Contact The Buckthorn Man if you have any questions, comments, critiques, or suggestions!

What It Is!

What It Is!

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