Here are the Volunteer Projects that The Buckthorn Man used to work on.  Come and join me!

Hartland Marsh

The Hartland Marsh is a where I first learned to use a chainsaw back around 1995. I started working there in earnest in 2004 and spent most of my free time and extra money working on the project for 7 years. Continue reading

Ottawa Lake Fen SNA

The Ottawa Lake Fen is one of the 674 State Natural Areas in Wisconsin. Way back in 1975 the DNR decided to let the area “go back to nature”. I began working there in 2013 cutting the buckthorn that had matured after almost 40 years of neglect. Continue reading

Scuppernong Springs

Scuppernong means sweet scented land and the headwaters of the Scuppernong River, where the springs flow cold and clear smells like home to me. Continue reading

Brady’s Rocks

When I began volunteering with the Ice Age Trail Alliance back in 1995, I was assigned to mow the Eagle Segment and that is where I discovered Brady’s Rocks. It was engulfed in Buckthorn — but I had a plan! Continue reading

State Natural Areas

There are 674 State Natural Areas in Wisconsin comprising 380,000 acres. The DNR’s Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation is charged with monitoring and managing the spread if invasive species on these properties. Continue reading

Ice Age Trail

I got my introduction to volunteering on the land from the good people in the Ice Age Trail Alliance. Continue reading