Tracy Hames, Executive Director Wisconsin Wetlands Association

I am proud to say Paul is my friend and colleague.  He is a true wetland hero.  Paul exhibits the most important character traits needed to effectively change the face of the wetlands of Scuppernong.  He has a strong midwestern work ethic.  He is fiercely dedicated to improving the wetlands under his care.  He has undying energy.  He has the skills needed to organize and motivate volunteers.  He has a thirst for obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to restore these wetlands.  He knows enough to seek advice from others to fill in the gaps of what he doesn’t know.  He listens.  He asks questions.  He has the love and passion needed to ensure these wetlands are well cared for.  Most importantly, he enjoys every second in these wetlands and is able to infect others with the enthusiasm and joy that flows through every vein in his body.

Tracy Hames, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association