Young Buckthorn Thicket

What Does The Buckthorn Man Provide?

I will help you plan and implement your restoration focusing on invasive species removal and restoration to native, natural flora.

I have been cutting buckthorn since March 2000, and I am very fast and efficient.  Visit my Testimonials page to see what people are saying about The Buckthorn Man.

I have 4 1/2 years experience working with the DNR to restore the Scuppernong River to a Class I Trout Stream.  Search my Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail site for: “Trout Stream Therapy”, to find the many related stories.

I have been volunteering with the Ice Age Trail Alliance since 1997 and have participated in a lot of trail creation and maintenance projects.

I can provide a project page on this website in the “Your Projects” portfolio (under the “Services” menu) — if you want it — to document all of your project’s activity online and preserve the entire history of your restoration.   I would write a blog post with before and after pictures and a description of the work done for every workday on your project.  You could contribute stories and pictures to the online record as well.

I can coordinate and lead volunteer days on your project.  It might be as simple as having you or friends throw brush on a burning pile, or, we can design a workday specifically for your group.

I am trained and certified to work on prescribed burns but I am not qualified to be a burn boss i.e., to lead the prescribed burn event.  I can help you locate professionals to lead your prescribed burns.

My rate is $25/hour — I will charge only for the time/hours I am on site actively working on your project.   You will not be charged additionally for my: travel time, prep time or maintenance for my equipment, bar oil or chainsaw gas, herbicide, or website project documentation.

I would love to be of service to you on your restoration project!  Please use the Contact page to reach me and let’s talk about your restoration goals.



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