Renovating The Springs

Hello again.

It’s been a while since we last heard from The Buckthorn Man.  I’ve been laying low, or maybe laid low — a little of both I think.  If you recall, I spent over 3 months during the late Spring and early Summer working on mold remediation and it may have been enough to save the house, but, I’m not sure about the home.

I traveled bit and finally got back to work at The Springs in September with a sense of urgency.  The symptoms of Dupuytren’s Contracture in my right hand got much worse over the last year and, with surgery scheduled in November, I tried to get a few projects done that have been on my mind for a couple years.

IMG_2023IMG_2081The surgery was a success and the scar will be good for many jokes about “the time I tried to stop my chainsaw with my bare hand.”  I should be back to work in a few weeks.

I wanted to be conscious during the operation and practiced a lot of bio-feedback using Heart Math and relaxation via Transcendental Meditation so I could stay calm and aware during the procedure.  It was very interesting and I got a good look inside before they stitched me up.

The first thing on the agenda was to build a new bridge over a drainage canal to make it easier to access the cut-off trail from the main trail.  The area is circled in Yellow on the map below.

SSTrailMapFall2015ProjectsI hope you like the Gallery feature of the new website.  Check out the story-line in the captions.

Next up was the little spur trail down to the Indian Spring that looked more like a gully (see the Blue circled area on the map above.)  Rainwater was collecting on the trail above the spur trail intersection and washing the sand out.  I did this project in two days: installing two water bars above the junction to divert the water off the trail and then, installing steps and water bars on the spur trail.

I have been wanting to lift this boardwalk out of the muck for years (see the area circled in Red on the map above.)  I was really inspired by the work that Ben Johnson led last year when we raised two boardwalks up out of the mud (read here and here) and I called on Ben again, and my old buddy Lindsay Knudsvig.  We had a great time!

Well, I hope you like the new site.  I won’t be posting much at the Scuppernong Springs Nature Trail anymore.  This is my new home, so please do click the Follow button on the main page to get email notification when new stories are posted.

See you at The Springs!

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